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3D RULE: Do it, Delegate it, or Drop it!



I’m often asked for help with time management and it usually starts with “I haven’t got enough time!”. That’s interesting because we all have the same amount, but some people use it better than others.

In reality we can’t do everything, and the more we focus on the things that are not done, the more overwhelmed we feel. Ironically that feeling can also reduce the enthusiasm and productivity rate to get things done! 

When faced with this problem, stop, make a list of the things you need to get done.

Next, apply the 3D rule. Go down the list and decide which of three choices you’re going to apply rapidly – Do it, Delegate it, or Drop it. Write your decision next to each one. If you’re a procrastinator, give yourself two minutes and also apply the rule that any you can’t decide on means the same as Drop it (that’ll scare you into deciding!).

Where you’ve chosen to Delegate It, go through and write next to it the name of the person you’re delegating it to. If you find it hard to delegate to people, you probably get caught up in thinking “How will they do this?”, and unless you know the answer, you won’t usually delegate. Well, it’s possible you’re the only person on the planet capable, but often there’s someone else just wishing you’d give them the space to get on with it. But if you still struggle, The Four Stages of Delegation.

Do it now… make that 3D list and clear your list of guilt today!


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